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Our values

Our values represent who we are, at our best. We seek to exhibit these values every day. We focus on doing what’s right for our customers, shareholders and employees. We believe in ethics, integrity and respect in the workplace – every day.

Show Integrity

Be open, honest and respectful. Speak up and communicate candidly, even when it makes you uncomfortable or may be something others don’t want to hear. Constructive, respectful disagreement and debate encourages better problem-solving and decisions. Commit fully when decisions are made.

Think Outside the Box

Be ambitious and have big goals. Do what matters and focus on what’s important. Innovate and be willing to take prudent risks. Make a positive impact and a lasting difference. Plan to win, play to win and expect to win.

Our Behavioral Characteristics

We are a collaborative, innovative and supportive place to make your mark on the world of security. Our partners include the biggest technology companies in the world, and our technology makes self-healing endpoint security a reality for businesses, educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

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Skill set

Evolution & Growth

Concept of skill and mastery

NahaanBin is the first and only iranian company to Create The os hacking.



Working hours

Mon. – frie. 9AM – 21PM

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